Indian Translators Meet 2005, New Delhi, 17th Sept, 2005

The Indian Translators Meet 2005, New Delhi, 17th Sept, 2005 evoked keen interest and the presence of language associates from different parts of India which includes representatives of country?s premier language service providers, very senior Government officials, senior faculties from Universities, senior delegates from MNCs and established-emerging freelance translators-interpreters is a testimony to the importance attached to it

The Chief-guest Mr. R. Viswanathan, Head, Latin American Division. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India was eloquent in his speech. He stressed on the need to constantly upgrade translators skills and adapt to ever-changing technology and translation tools. He advised Indian Translators community to come forward in favor of making translation activity a recognized profession.

In addition, the speech by Dr. Anil Dhingra from Jawaharlal Nehru University and the presentations made on the use of software for harnessing the necessary technologies for bringing in qualitative improvement and increasing the efficiency level of the translators, the scientific method of managing ones accounts with respect to taxation and availing certain benefits, the problems being faced by the translators community in India as on date and how we can address them and finally the steps being taken for formation of ?Indian Translators Association? was the hallmark of this Meet.

The proposed Indian Translators Association shall unite the wide-spread translators-interpreters community (presently unorganized) to a common platform where one can address common issues for betterment of the industry which has the potential to bring in commercial benefits including foreign exchange earning for the country besides exhibiting to the outside world that there is an association for the translators and interpreters in India in the same way it is prevailing in the US, Europe and some other developed countries that provide ?Accreditation? as a mark of certain level of quality to the translator. It is pertinent to note here that ?Accreditation? is a bench-mark for certain quality and increases the comfort level of any client seeking services of language professionals, and ultimately, this will have a wide ranging ramification for the practicing linguists in enhancing their credibility which will help in their growth as well.? However, the establishment of such an Association requires addressing of certain key issues for continued progress. During presentation of a draft proposal on Indian Translators Association by the Convenor Mr. Ravi Kumar there were very useful exchange of ideas and discussions on the type of membership, formation formalities, contributions, grading, etc which will help for moving forward in the right direction.

Microsoft exhibited its premier productivity programs suite, Microsoft Office 2003, fully configured in Indian languages, as a toolkit to facilitate the work requirements of the modern translator.? Adequate emphasis was given for the future of Indian languages and the services extended in Indian languages by the translations industry. It is of prime importance of any such venture to focus attention on home grounds first. The protocols and vision necessary for the propagation of Indian-language services to fully develop the local market potential to the fullest is a necessity and has social-relevance.

In all, the Indian Translators Meet 2005 has turned out to be milestone in uniting translators and interpreters community in India and has instilled a sense of togetherness in them and a desire to form an Association, the Indian Translators Association.

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