Terminology Guru Dr. Gabriele Sauberer in India

During her visit to India, Gabriele dealt with the following three questions:

1. What is the role of terminology and terminology management in quality assurance?

2. How to measure the quality of translations & translation service providers?

3. What does the new European Standard EN 15038:2006 on “Translation services – Service requirements” say about terminology?

Increasingly quality standards and international certification is required by government, industry and public procurement. Gabrielle discusses some of the main success factors in the translation and language industries, with a focus on terminology and terminology management. After a short introduction of quality issues in general, she showed how terminology is represented in the new European standard EN 15038 and how translators, terminologists and translation service providers can prepare to meet the expectations of their customers. Gabrielle along with Peter Jonas and Anja Drame presented a workshop about The Language Industry Certification System LICS® – a new global brand for certification in the language and translation industry.